Date archive for August, 2011

How to remove the “Personalize this Page” link in the Welcome menu using JQuery

by Wendy Neal - on Aug 28th 2011 - No Comments

We are currently developing a search portal in SharePoint 2010 that will be very similar to Google’s “iGoogle” concept —  on the homepage we have a simple search box with personalizable web part zones underneath so that users can personalize the page to their liking.  We also have several other pages and sub...

Why won’t my Search Tab Navigaton control show up in my search results pages?

by Wendy Neal - on Aug 15th 2011 - No Comments

We just implemented SharePoint 2010 search at my company, and I was having problems getting the Tab Navigation control to show up on my search results pages for users with lesser privileges than me.  The Tab Navigation control is the one that lets you toggle back and forth between “All Sites” and “People” in your...

How to hide “Lists and Libraries” from the web part gallery

by Wendy Neal - on Aug 11th 2011 - 1 Comment

I’ve been saying I’m going to start a blog forever now, so this seems like as good a time as any.  I’m so tickled that I found this solution that I’ve spent hours hunting for, that I feel like I must tell the world. So I was trying to figure out how to hide the “Lists and Libraries” section from the...