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The Migration and Content Organization toolset consists of the following tools:

Vyapin File share migration tool – DocKIT for SharePoint

  • Copy or Move content from your shares, folders and files to any version of SharePoint
  • Validate your migration scenario by performing a full pre-migration scan
  • Perform condition-based migration using both simple and complex rules to move data
  • Apply custom metadata sets to update and populate document properties
  • Remap your current NTFS permissions to equivalent SharePoint Site Permission Levels and assign permissions to folders & files
  • Correct and rectify migration errors by performing batch automated migration
  • Use a single application to migrate to on-premise SharePoint servers and SharePoint Online in Office 365 (Standard) environment.

Copy content between SharePoint servers – Xplica for SharePoint

  • Copy content from SharePoint 2003 / 2007 farms to SharePoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 on-premise servers and SharePoint Online (Office 365) sites.
  • Organize your site collections, webs, libraries, lists, documents and list items between SharePoint servers. Consolidate content from multiple SharePoint sources.
  • Perform condition-based migration using rules to select, filter and move documents / list items and their respective versions.
  • Construct metadata structures using Excel to apply new metadata, modify existing metadata or reclassify your old content types during the migration process.

Manage, Organize, Classify and Restructure your SharePoint Content

  • Consolidate Sites and Lists – Merge sites and lists  updating metadata and content types
  • Bulk-tag all your content; update metadata fields and values across sites and lists
  • Re-categorize your content by updating Content Types
  • Perform post-migration tasks such as cleaning up unwanted content and metadata, reapplying metadata to overcome migration oversight, reviewing the correctness of migrated content
  • Enable/Disable SharePoint features; Control user access
  • Cleanup obsolete content – remove clutter and bloat
  • Access all features of the tool from within your SharePoint Site pages – useful for site owners and administrators to independently control and manage their respective sites
Sponsored community broadcast for SharePointWendy.com by Vyapin.
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