SharePoint Saturday Chicago was held at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown Chicago on November 2, 2013.  There were some great speakers lined up, as well as the one and only Dux Raymond Sy (@meetdux) presented the keynote speech.  If you weren’t able to make it in person, you can view his entire recorded presentation on UStream.

The organizers did a fantasic job putting the event together, so a huge shout out to Kris Wagner (@SharePointKris), Doug Hemminger (@DougHemminger), Chris Geier (@chrisgeier), Bryan Gulley (@UXJester) and everyone else who helped to put this fantastic event together.

I presented a session called The Missing Link in SharePoint Site Usability.

There’s a huge disconnect between how usable Microsoft claims that SharePoint is, and how easy users perceive SharePoint to be. A website will only be as user-friendly as it has been designed to be, and SharePoint sites are no exception. Typical site owners are people in the business, many of whom have no previous experience with SharePoint and/or creating and managing a website. Organizations are essentially asking people to be webmasters of their SharePoint sites, without realizing what this entails or giving the proper training. This class will introduce basic usability concepts and offer some practical tips for keeping your site’s users engaged. It will also highlight the responsibilities of a SharePoint site owner/administrator, including considerations for designing the site, setting up and maintaining the information architecture, permissions management, analyzing usage statistics, content facilitation, and more. If you are a SharePoint site owner, you don’t want to miss this class!

A huge thank you to everyone who attended my session – there was some stiff competition in that early morning time slot.  As promised, I’ve uploaded the slides to Slideshare so you can refer to them again later.

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