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Handy Tip for Testing SQL Connectivity

by Wendy Neal - on Jan 31st 2015 - No Comments
Handy tip for testing SQL connectivity

I was recently trying to troubleshoot why my custom SharePoint application could not connect to a database, and I found this great tip on the ASP.Net forums that I wanted to share for when you can’t or don’t want to install SQL Management Studio onto the server. First a little back story:  My application is pulling some financial...

The Blueprint of an Optimal Blog Design [Infographic]

by Wendy Neal - on Jan 2nd 2015 - No Comments
The Blueprint of an Optimal Blog Design

I frequently write and speak about SharePoint site design and usability.  This stems from my passions on web site design and usability in general. The following infographic from QuickSprout focuses on blog design, however many of these tips apply to web site design as well.  And several of these tips touch on things that I regularly...