I frequently write and speak about SharePoint site design and usability.  This stems from my passions on web site design and usability in general.

The following infographic from QuickSprout focuses on blog design, however many of these tips apply to web site design as well.  And several of these tips touch on things that I regularly mention when I’m presenting on SharePoint design and usability.  Such as:

  • Use snippets on the home page – in other words, don’t write a book, keep your content on the home page succinct and clean
  • Display images in the preview – your site should use a good balance of images and text, but not too much of either
  • Use light background with dark body text – using contrasting colors like this will improve your site’s readability
  • Create as much whitespace as possible – but not too much.  Just the right balance of whitespace and content will also improve readability of your site.

One thing that I did not realize – evidently size does matter (font size, that is).  While I think it’s obvious that you don’t want to use a tiny font, there are numbers to back up the author’s claim – as he increased the font size on 13 different blogs, he saw an increase of time that users spent on the site.

I just increased the font size on this blog from 11 pixels to 13 pixels, let’s see what happens!

The Blueprint of an Optimal Blog Design
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
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