How to Create a User-Friendly Issue Tracking List in SharePoint 2013As a proud memeber of the European SharePoint Community, I recently recorded a video for their How To with SharePoint 2013 video series.

The video I created is called How to Create a User-Friendly Issue Tracking List in SharePoint 2013.


SharePoint lists and libraries out-of-the-box are very powerful, and with each new version of SharePoint we see usability improvements. However, working with lists is still not as usable as it could be for the users of your site. In this video, you will learn how to create an issue tracking list that is user-friendly and personalized for your end users. In this video you will learn: 1. SharePoint is very robust and powerful, but not always the most user-friendly out of the box. 2. Think about your audience and process flow when designing sites/pages. 3. How to improve the usability by implementing some easy enhancements

In the video, I illustrate how the out-of-the-box list forms, while nothing is really wrong with them per se, can be spruced up to be a bit more user-friendly. First I show you how to create a simplified entry form, omitting all the extraneous fields that your end users don’t need to see.  Then we create a dashboard page with personalization, that shows views of all outstanding issues plus the issues that they submitted.  And finally, we change the default redirection on the form so that it redirects to our dashboard page after users submit a new issue.

You can view the video on YouTube, or watch the embedded video below.  Let me know what you think!

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