Download the GTD® Dashboard Office 365 site template!The GTD Dashboard site template that I demonstrated at the SPBiz conference in my session called Create a GTD® Dashboard in Office 365 to Get Things Done is now ready for download!

Getting Things Done (or GTD) is a set of principles created by David Allen to help you capture, clarify, and organize all the stuff you have going on in your life in one place, and to empower you to make smart choices about what to work on when, so that you can get more done in the limited amount of time that you have (for more details and to check out the slides from the session, check out my earlier blog post).

As I stated in the session, I had tried using a few software apps that were designed according to the GTD principles, but each fell a little short in functionality for me. So I created my own GTD site in Office 365 that was customized to how I wanted to see all my actions and projects.

I wanted to have the downloadable template available right after the conference, but I found a couple issues at the last minute and I wanted to have something of quality available for you to download. If you’d like to download the template, just send me your name and email address, and I’ll send the download link right over to you! Please also read the disclaimer below.

Download the GTD Dashboard Template

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This template has only been tested in Office 365. It has NOT been tested in SharePoint 2013 On Premises. Since this is a free template, it may not be 100% bug free. Use at your own risk. You may want to install and test in a “test” site collection away from your company’s mission critical content. I have identified a few issues that you may run into and how to solve them that are documented below. Also because this is a free template, I can’t provide premium-type support for questions and issues. While I will make every attempt to answer any questions or address issues you have in a timely manner, I can’t guarantee any kind of response time. If you desire expedited response time, you could always hire me as a consultant 🙂

Installing the Template

  1. Once you receive the template downlink link from me via email, save the template somewhere on your computer.
  2. Navigate to your top level site collection’s Site Settings page, and click on Solutions (under Web Designer Galleries).
  3. Click the Upload Solution button in the ribbon. Browse to the template file and upload the file.
  4. It should automatically activate the solution, but if it doesn’t you can activate it from the ribbon.


Creating a New Site from the Template

To create a new site from the template, follow the following instructions:

  1. At the place you’d like to add your sub site, navigate to the Site Contents page.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click new subsite.
  3. Give your new site a name, optional description, and URL, and make sure to choose the GTD® Site Template custom template. Configure the permissions and navigation settings as you wish and click Create.

Download the GTD® Dashboard Office 365 site template!

Known Issues

Following are a few issues that you may run into either when trying to create a new site from the template or after the site is created.

  1. When trying to create a site from the template, you might receive the following error:  “This web template requires that certain features be installed, activated, and licensed. The following problems are blocking application of the template” and then there will be a list of features that are missing. If you run into this, follow the instructions in this blog post to activate the features. Once they are all activated, you should be able to successfully create a site from the template.
  2. The calendar overlay from the Actions list did not get saved with the template for some reason. If you wish to display your Actions that are due on the Events calendar, open your Events list in calendar view and follow the instructions from this great post by Rackspace. Choose the Actions list and the Calendar view when configuring the overlay.
  3. On the new actions forms, the JS Link property does not get set properly when a site is created from the template. When you click on the New Collect Item, New Action, New Tickler, and New Someday buttons on the dashboard home page, the Actions add form will open and the Action Type should get automatically set based on which button was clicked. Since the JS Link property is messed up, it always gets set to the default Action Type (which is Collect). To fix this, click on one of the four buttons mentioned above, and go into page edit mode (click the Gears icon then Edit Page). Edit the web part properties, expand the Miscellaneous section, and change the JS Link property to “~site/SiteAssets/ActionsNewForm.js”

Download the GTD® Dashboard Office 365 site template!

If you run into any additional issues that I haven’t listed here, please let me know in the comments.

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