Enhance the Usability of Your SharePoint Site with JSLinkThanks to those who attended my session today at the Collab365 Global Conference.

As stated in the session, normally when you think about enhancing the usability of your SharePoint site, JSLink isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

The idea for the session came about as I was putting together my GTD Dashboard site template that I presented at the SPBiz conference earlier this summer. I wanted to implement some functionality to improve the usability of my GTD Dashboard site for myself and others who downloaded the template. Since I wanted to make sure everything would work in Office 365, as well as work without the publishing feature needing to be activated, I decided to use client side rendering via JSLink. And so I expanded on that and added a few new things for my Collab365 session.

If you’d like to download all the JavaScript, CSS, and image files that I demonstrated in the session, click the link below:

Download Files -> https://1drv.ms/f/s!AvujwBiXKUSX3Qu7NlrPgHFNJgJF

In case you missed the session, here are the slides:


And here is the YouTube video:

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