The stats have come in for the Collab365 Global Conference and I’m honored and thrilled to learn that my session, Enhance the Usability of Your SharePoint Site with JSLink, was the top session at Collab365 right after Jeremy Thake’s keynote!

Top session at Collab365

It just goes to show that usability continues to be a very hot topic, and it also validates my work in this area. This is definitely motivation for me to continue writing and presenting on usability in SharePoint.

The truly funny part is that I was extremely limited on time to prepare for this session and honestly thought that it was one of my poorer presentations. I was surprised at all the awesome feedback I got (and it just goes to show that I continue to be my own worst critic).

I really appreciate and thank everyone who viewed my session, both live on the day of the conference, as well as on demand after the conference.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the session yet, you can view my slide deck and watch the recorded session in its entirely on this page.


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