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Product Review: Collage – Bringing a New Outlook into Your Business

by Wendy Neal - on 10 months ago - No Comments Collage – Bringing a New Outlook into Your Business

The user experience for employees in today’s digital workplace is very app-centric. An organization may use Outlook for their emails, Office 365 for sharing and collaborating on documents, Salesforce as a sales and customer relationship management tool, and ZenDesk for help desk tickets. Currently this equates to one app for each...

How to easily block annoying JavaScript popups on the iPad

by Wendy Neal - on Dec 8th 2015 - No Comments
How to close rogue JavaScript popup window on iPad Safari

The other day my daughter’s Safari browser on her iPad was stuck because she couldn’t close one of the tabs. It was some bogus web site with a popup message that said she had contracted a virus and to call a certain phone number so they can help troubleshoot. At first I thought she had gotten some malware or even actually...

Download the GTD® Dashboard Office 365 site template!

by Wendy Neal - on Jul 5th 2015 - 18 Comments
Download the GTD® Dashboard Office 365 site template!

The GTD Dashboard site template that I demonstrated at the SPBiz conference in my session called Create a GTD® Dashboard in Office 365 to Get Things Done is now ready for download! Getting Things Done (or GTD) is a set of principles created by David Allen to help you capture, clarify, and organize all the stuff you have going on in your...

How to Create a User-Friendly Issue Tracking List in SharePoint 2013

by Wendy Neal - on Mar 2nd 2015 - 3 Comments
How to Create a User-Friendly Issue Tracking List in SharePoint 2013

As a proud memeber of the European SharePoint Community, I recently recorded a video for their How To with SharePoint 2013 video series. The video I created is called How to Create a User-Friendly Issue Tracking List in SharePoint 2013. Synopsis: SharePoint lists and libraries out-of-the-box are very powerful, and with each new version...

The Real Cost of Usability

by Wendy Neal - on Feb 25th 2015 - No Comments
The Real Cost of Usability

The other day I read an article on that really resonated with me. The article stated that one of the reasons that the current perceptions of IT performance by executives is so low is because IT doesn’t understand the value of usability. As a usability buff, I heard myself shouting out loud, YES! The article also states...

Fun with SharePoint Calculated Columns

by Wendy Neal - on Oct 2nd 2014 - 4 Comments

I recently had a client requirement to send out an automated company-wide birthday greeting email whenever it was someone’s birthday.  I decided to use SharePoint Designer to create a workflow that sends an email, and then run it on a timer job that runs nightly.  This timer job would pull all employees that have a birthday that...

11 Characteristics of a User-Friendly Website

by Wendy Neal - on Jun 21st 2014 - No Comments

I found this great article on website usability that I wanted to share. Several of these tips I mentioned in my presentation for SP24:  Top 20 Usability Tips for SharePoint Sites – specifically the sections on information architecture, navigation, formatting, and usable forms. Keep reading to learn more. Web Design-11 Characteristics... and #SP24 on Channel 9 at #SPC14

by Wendy Neal - on Mar 14th 2014 - No Comments

While at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas last week, I had the great pleasure of talking with Karuana Gatimu from Microsoft’s Channel 9 along with Bran Shannon (@bradshannon), Vlad Catrinescu (@vladcatrinescu), and Jasjit Chopra (@jasjitchopra) about the site. We shared the story of how the community...

10 Ways to Make a Splash in the SharePoint Community

by Wendy Neal - on Dec 31st 2012 - 28 Comments

The end of the year is here, so it seems appropriate to publish some kind of “10 things” list.  This year I’ll share ten things you can do that can help you stand out in the SharePoint global community. I went from a virtual unknown in the SharePoint community to a prominent contributor in just over a year’s...