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Product Review: Collage – Increasing Worker Focus and Productivity

by Wendy Neal - on 5 months ago - 1 Comment
Product Review: Collage – Increasing Worker Focus and Productivity

In the age of increasing digital overload, business users find themselves constantly being distracted with too much information coming from multiple systems. An organization may use many different systems and cloud-based apps to store related information, such as Outlook for emails, Office 365 for document collaboration, Salesforce as...

Product Review: Collage – Bringing a New Outlook into Your Business

by Wendy Neal - on 10 months ago - No Comments Collage – Bringing a New Outlook into Your Business

The user experience for employees in today’s digital workplace is very app-centric. An organization may use Outlook for their emails, Office 365 for sharing and collaborating on documents, Salesforce as a sales and customer relationship management tool, and ZenDesk for help desk tickets. Currently this equates to one app for each...

Product Review: One – Streamlining Workplace Collaboration

by Wendy Neal - on Jul 4th 2016 - No Comments

As SharePoint matures at a lot of organizations, companies want to be assured they are realizing an adequate return on their investment. Efforts to increase user adoption and information worker productivity are getting more traction and visibility. Companies also want to make sure that important information and documents are very easy...

Product Review: – Managing Emails on SharePoint

by Wendy Neal - on Nov 11th 2015 - No Comments - Managing Emails on SharePoint

One of the challenges that businesses face are the time and costs associated with managing emails separately from other business documents. Email storage space is expensive, and with multiple copies of emails and attachments customarily stored on the email server, higher costs as well as the ensuing chaos when trying to collaborate with...

Product Review: Reflex Reporting – Easily Create Reports from SharePoint Lists

by Wendy Neal - on Oct 26th 2015 - 3 Comments
Product Review: Reflex Reporting – Easily Create Reports from SharePoint Lists

Reporting in SharePoint using out-of-the-box methods is not a great experience. You’re only able to access a single list, and you can’t aggregate your reports across multiple sites very easily. Your reports or views can break if a field is changed or removed. And while you have some basic sorting and filtering capabilities, you can’t...

Product Review: Dynatrace – Application Performance and User Experience Management

by Wendy Neal - on Mar 6th 2015 - 2 Comments
Dynatrace – Application Performance and User Experience Management

Many organizations use SharePoint as a tool for managing documents, collaboration, or even an all-out Intranet.  As SharePoint becomes more mature in an organization, it’s beginning to become more of a business critical application.  Companies are placing more and more content, business processes, and functionality into it, perhaps...

Product Review: 4.1 – Bringing Secure Office 365 and SharePoint to Android and iOS Devices

by Wendy Neal - on Sep 17th 2013 - 1 Comment

The freedom for users to bring their own devices to work and use non-company commissioned file sharing services comes at a huge cost to organizations. recently published an eye-opening report on their blog that reveals just how much mobile “rogue IT” is costing companies in the United States (rogue IT is described...

Product Review: SharePoint Org Chart – Powerful, flexible and attractive organization charts in SharePoint

by Wendy Neal - on Jun 13th 2013 - 4 Comments

Product review by Wendy Neal for and paid for by TeamImprover Most people are familiar with organization charts – they are useful business tools that illustrate relationships between people within the organization, usually in a hierarchical manner.  They can help employees easily identify who does what in the...

Product Review: 4 – Bringing Office 365 to the Mobile Enterprise

by Wendy Neal - on May 13th 2013 - 1 Comment

With more organizations adopting Yammer or moving their SharePoint offering to the cloud, users need a way to seamlessly interact with colleagues and work with their SharePoint documents without going to disparate locations to perform their day-to-day tasks.  This was one of the cool new capabilities that has implemented into...

Product Review: MetaVis Power User Edition – Empower Your Users

by Wendy Neal - on Apr 23rd 2013 - 1 Comment

MetaVis Technologies has created an arsenal of tools in a single platform to make the lives of SharePoint architects, admins, and power users easier.  Their initial modules were primarily targeted to those in the information architect role, offering tools to assist with metadata design and classification of data in SharePoint.  In...