Updating quota template doesn’t automatically get applied to site collections

This may be common knowledge to some, but this one had me perplexed for two days.  One of our financial analysts ran into a quota limit while trying to upload some documents to his SharePoint site.  No problem, I went in to Central Admin and increased the quota limit from 3 GB to 4 GB.

However I was informed that the change had no effect, as when he subsequently tried to upload documents, he was still hitting the quota limit.  In looking at the storage usage report for his site collection, it still said the quota was set to 3 GB.  (Note: If you look at this report the same day you change the quota, it will still show the previous setting because the report is a day behind.  I had actually looked at it the following day when the update should have been reflected, but it was still showing 3 GB).

After posting to Twitter I got a few helpful tips but nothing that solved my particular dilemma.  It wasn’t until I posted my question to SharePoint StackExchange did I find my answer.  Turns out that updating the quota template that the site uses does just that – it updates the template.  It does not apply the template changes to any existing site collections that are already using it (any new site collections that you apply the template to, however, would respect the new quota).  So you have to manually apply the updated template to each site collection that uses it.

The easiest way if you only have one or a small number of sites affected is to select a different template, save it, then reselect the original template and save that to get the updated quota.  Since I only had one site that was using this particular template, that’s what I did.  If you had a large number of site collections affected, you could probably write a PowerShell script to run a mass update.  In fact, a script was suggested in the question I asked on SharePoint StackExchange, however I have not tested it to see if it works.  If anyone gets a chance to test it out, let me know how it works.

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