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Product Review: MetaVis Power User Edition – Empower Your Users

MetaVis Technologies has created an arsenal of tools in a single platform to make the lives of SharePoint architects, admins, and power users easier.  Their initial modules were primarily targeted to those in the information architect role, offering tools to assist with metadata design and classification of data in SharePoint.  In fact, their name comes from the terms “Metadata Visualization.”

MetaVis recently launched Power User Edition which was created as an entry level SharePoint Migration Toolset that includes support for uploading files and moving or copying content within SharePoint including Office 365.  With a completely agentless install, it is designed for site owners and information workers who don’t need all the fancy information architecture and security features of the Enterprise MetaVis Platform; but for those who simply want to move their files around and reclassify their data.

Some of the things that MetaVis Power User Edition allows users to do are:

  • Perform bulk uploads from the file system
  • Bulk copy items and documents between lists, sites, and site collections
  • Maintain metadata such as created and modified properties
  • Reclassify existing data

And the tool respects SharePoint permissions, only allowing users access to locations or items in which the user has permissions.

Let’s take a look at uploading content into SharePoint from the file system, as well as copying content that is already in SharePoint using the Power User Edition.

Uploading Content

You can browse the contents of your computer directly from the interface from the File Manager tab and you can even drag and drop from Windows Explorer.  There is no need to have multiple windows open.  While you can easily do a bulk upload, I’ve just chosen one file to upload for this example, as you can see from the screenshot below.

Once you’ve selected the file(s) that you wish to upload, you are prompted for the site and library that you wish to save it to.

Next you are given the opportunity to map different properties from your document(s) to the appropriate metadata properties in your SharePoint library.  The tool will make an educated pass at mapping them for you; however if there are any inaccuracies, you may change the mapping manually as well. 

There are some Advanced Options settings that you may set if you wish, however I left them all unchecked for this example.

When your upload is finished, you will now see the file(s) that were copied to your SharePoint document library.

Copying/Moving Content

Once you’ve discovered and authenticated to your source SharePoint site, you can choose the content that you wish to copy from the Information Manager tab.

Once you’ve chosen the files that you wish to copy, you’ll be prompted to choose the destination SharePoint site and library.

Just like in the file upload example above, you are given the opportunity to map different properties from your document(s) to the appropriate metadata properties in your SharePoint library.

Again there are some Advanced Options settings that you may set, however I left them all unchecked.

When your copy is finished, you will now see the files that were copied to your destination document library.

If the Information Manager tool isn’t sufficient for your needs you can always upgrade to the MetaVis platform which includes a wide assortment of products, with the Architect Suite being the most comprehensive package that is available.  A few of its features include:
  • Bulk migrate and copy entire lists, libraries, sites and site collections
  • Powerful Scripting via command line or PowerShell
  • Classify or reclassify documents as you migrate (while preserving created and modified properties)
  • Copy multiple items between folders, lists, sites or farms while simultaneously enriching or retaining content types and metadata
  • Bulk load files and folders from file shares into a SharePoint library while assigning content types and metadata
  • Graphical design environment to create, manage and document SharePoint objects
  • Automate, manage and deploy changes, taxonomy updates and structure between multiple SharePoint environment
  • Visually identify differences between two sites with a side-by-side comparison
  • Browse, add, edit and delete SharePoint groups, users, permissions and permission levels across site collections and farms
Following is a screenshot that depicts a visual representation of all the SharePoint objects in a particular site. You can manage and even create new objects including sites, lists, content types, and more.
Copying Lists/Libraries

In addition to being able to copy or move list content, the Architect Suite allows you to copy an entire list or library including its contents.  Simply navigate to the source list and either right click and copy/paste, or just drag and drop the list onto the destination site.

A screen opens up that allows you to specify additional parameters for this list copy.
Expanding the List Copy Options section, you now can choose which objects you want to copy along with the list data, many of which are selected by default.  One thing I love is the ability to copy any workflows that may be attached to your list.  This is very difficult to do with out-of-the-box methods, and MetaVis makes it as easy as clicking a box.
There are some Advanced Options that you can set, however I did not enable any of these for this example.
As your copy is running, you can choose to run it in the background if you wish (if you are copying a huge list for example).  This allows you to continue working while the copy is in progress.
When your migration is finished, you’ll see the list and its content in your destination site.

The MetaVis Power User Edition is a great tool for power users to tag and migrate their own SharePoint content without IT assistance. Quick to install and intuitive to use, you’ll be uploading and migrating content in no time.  And with the built in security features, there are no worries that site owners can access content that they don’t have permission to see.

For more information on all MetaVis products, or if you aren’t sure which MetaVis product is right for you, check out their product feature matrix.
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