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Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint has been released!

I’m pleased to announce that our book Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint is officially available for sale on Amazon. So come get your jQuery on and buy our book!

The book features seven jQuery solutions by seven different authors (Marc Anderson, Wendy Neal, Josh McCarty, Ben Tedder, Dave Coleman, Eric Overfield, and Paul Tavares) that Power Users can implement without access to the server.

The cool thing about this book is that it was a community project, headed up by Mark Miller (@EUSP) of, that was fast tracked and delivered in a three-month timeframe, when most books take upwards of nine months to a year to come to fruition. By divvying out the writing to seven different authors, Mark could then concentrate on coordinating the project and the publishing details. Mark was excellent at herding all the authors and making sure deadlines were met.

I’d like to thank once again all the community reviewers who helped me to test my solution and proofread my chapter – their keen eyes and attention to detail helped to ensure that it is a much better end product than it would have been without their help. So a huge THANK YOU goes out to (in no particular order):

  • Stefan Bauer
  • Luis Valencia
  • Joe Litton
  • Ajay Khanna
  • Lisa Gay
  • Jane Leung
  • Christian Ståhl
  • Stefan Kiessig
  • Alexey Krasheninnikov
  • Harold Gale
  • Nicholas Holloway
  • Natesan Sabesan
  • Lisa Davis
  • Jennifer Kenderdine
  • Jonathan Lightfoot
  • René Fritsch
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