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Cloud Computing Advantages That Your Company Should Not Miss Out On

Cloud Computing Advantages That Your Company Should Not Miss Out On by Sarah Shore

Before anything, it is best you look into what is cloud computing in order to give you the basics on where to begin. Once you’ve got this sorted, you can work you’re way up. For now, here are some benefits of cloud computing. Basically, the benefit of installing cloud computing systems in your business is unified communications, more effective remote access to applications and simplified usage of the applications. It has been enriched with a myriad of applications systems such as the Microsoft Office 365 that offices cannot go without.

Core Advantages Of Cloud Services

If you want to join the ranks of big corporations and companies such as Sales force, Google and Yahoo in using unified communications and cloud services, you can find out, here, what exactly is in it for you.

1. Significant reduction of costs.

The key feature of this computing service is that you can hold every software and application that your company needs in a server. That being said, anyone in the company can gain access to these applications and software without having to install that software in all the computers. The cost of software is quite expensive. To purchase software to be installed for all the computers in the office can be quite exorbitant. It is far more cost effective to just buy one copy of the software or application you need and simply store it in the server. If you were interested in a document management system similar to this, check out They have some interesting solutions.

2. Simpler and more direct usage.

Updating is a part and parcel of a growing company. Old models of computers go and new ones come in. Constantly updating computers, reinstalling applications and software and saving files can take time, especially for a large business. This is why the bigger businesses look for the help of a Cloud software Company to take control of their systems and propel them into the cloud so the business can still access data and use the software necessary, while another designated IT company takes care of software updates, bugs, security vulnerabilities and much more. Systems such as Office 365 can actually simplify usage. Everything is accessed from one direct source so computers can simply be hooked to the servers.

3. Storage space is significantly larger.

One of the functions of cloud computing that sets it apart from traditional computing is the ample storage space it can offer to users. The fact is, it has storage space larger than a personal computer. This also has a direct effect to the first advantage. Your company no longer has to allot a budget for memory upgrades. With the likes of Office 365, you get a variety of useful applications with very large storage space. It dispenses the need of buying or renting infrastructure, a method often used by growing companies in the past.

4. It does not require a lot of maintenance and man power.

One of the fears of many IT specialists when cloud services where introduced was that their place in the IT industry has already become dispensable. But according to experts, this fear has no basis. IT specialists are still highly invaluable to the company. The only difference now with the existence of cloud services is that they can eliminate irrelevant and boring tasks. IT specialists are no longer delegated to the menial task of setting up IT infrastructure, maintaining it and updating. The company can delegate their IT human resource to do other IT-related tasks that can take the company success up a notch.

5. Remote access is now possible.

The applications and files are stored in a server. For as long as the server is available, you get access to the files, software and applications you need through the web. Just use your own computer to log on to the web server and you can gain access to the applications and files you need.

Today, many cloud services even include mobile office applications for more unified communications. This allows the employees equipped with smart phones to go to work from home and access their files and applications.

6. It is a highly flexible system.

Sharing of resources is possible. Companies who are seeing a vast growth in their resources can also opt to have their cloud services improved. You can easily add applications and software from your merchant. If there are new applications you would want to include in your current company operations, you can easily integrate it with your existing cloud network. It allows flexibility and improvements.

Cloud computing services are worth their cost effective price. Aside from unified communications and systems like Office 365, you are getting much more than you paid for. The problem with many companies is that they are too afraid of letting go of the old and traditional computing systems. If you give this computing system a chance, it can make a huge difference in your company efficiency, performance and even accuracy in transactions. Companies that utilise contact centers for receiving calls could benefit from cloud powered solutions to streamline this department. See here for more information –

Sarah Shore writes articles for Intercall Europe, who offer unified communications products and services, delivered by cloud computing technology. They are proud to offer Microsoft Office 365, a Microsoft Office package dedicated to fulfilling the needs of businesses.

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