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“This web template requires that certain features be installed, activated, and licensed” error when creating Office 365 site from custom template

Creating reusable site templates in Office 365 is a great way to make sure that your subsites are consistent and uniform. Last month I created a site template from one of my Office 365 sub sites, and when I tried to create a new site from it in a different Office 365 site collection, I received the following error:

This web template requires that certain features be installed, activated, and licensed. The following problems are blocking application of the template.

Below is a screenshot of the entire message:

"This web template requires that certain features be installed, activated, and licensed" error when creating Office 365 site from custom template

My first thought was to go into the Site Collection Features page and activate the missing features. The problem was, none of them were to be found. They weren’t found on the Mangage Site Features page either.

After some research I discovered that in my case the issue was due to the site collection from which I was trying to create a site from the template was originally a SharePoint 2010 site collection that was upgraded to 2013 at some point. And the site collection I had saved the template from was a newly created 2013 site collection. Not all of the “hidden” features get activated by default during an upgrade. So you have to manually activate these features.

One way to do that is with PowerShell, or the SharePoint Online Management Shell. I found this article on Kanwartej Basrai’s blog to be very helpful. Perform the following steps to solve the isuse:

  1. Download and install the SharePoint Online Management Shell
  2. Download this PowerShell script from Kanwartej Basrai’s blog. Copy it into Notepad and be sure to name it with a .ps1 extension and save it to your C drive.
  3. Open SharePoint Online Management Shell and run the following command for each feature listed in the error message:

.\manage-feature.ps1 -siteurl “” -username “” -featureID “10F73B29-5779-46b3-85A8-4817A6E9A6C2” -enable $true

After running the command for each feature, I was able to successfully create a new site from my custom template.


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  • Hi Wendy,

    When I run the comment I get below error, any idea? many thanks

    cmdlet a.ps1 at command pipeline position 1
    Supply values for the following parameters:
    password: ************
    WARNING: The names of some imported commands from the module
    ‘Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell’ include unapproved verbs that might
    make them less discoverable. To find the commands with unapproved verbs, run
    the Import-Module command again with the Verbose parameter. For a list of
    approved verbs, type Get-Verb.

    DefinitionId :
    DisplayName :
    Context : Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext
    Tag :
    Path : Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ObjectPathMethod
    ObjectVersion :
    ServerObjectIsNull :
    TypedObject : Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Feature

    Exception calling “ExecuteQuery” with “0” argument(s): “For security reasons DTD
    is prohibited in this XML document. To enable DTD processing set the DtdProcess
    ing property on XmlReaderSettings to Parse and pass the settings into XmlReader.
    Create method.”

  • Hi ,

    Does anyone else have issues in opening Kanwartej Basrai’s blog to download the script?
    I’m getting Not found error .


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