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SharePoint has become a leading collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes all over the world. Nearly 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies now rely on SharePoint to empower their employees and teams to work together in real-time across multiple departments and locations. While SharePoint has multiple business applications, including intranet, personal cloud, enterprise social networking, search, business intelligence and workflow management, a recent survey on showed that 83 percent of companies currently using SharePoint also rely on it for content management, making it a dominant force in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. Harvest Technology Group’s flagship product, Content360 °, is taking SharePoint’s ECM capabilities to the next level.

If your business already uses SharePoint, this is great news, because while SharePoint has been widely lauded by the majority of its users, the one area where it seemed to fall short most often is with ECM. But Content360 ° is here to change that. Content 360 is the first and only ECM system to be specifically designed and built on top of the existing SharePoint platform, making it easy to integrate into your existing system. This seamless integration also means that rather than having to run two systems for content management (i.e. SharePoint and an ECM legacy system), all of your content can now be stored and managed in one convenient location.

Here are of the key ECM benefits of using Content360 ° with SharePoint:

  • Automated Workflow – Having a solution for workflow automation can be extremely beneficial for businesses today, since moving paper document workflows into the automated digital space can be tricky, time consuming, and expensive. Content360° makes it easy. With an intuitive interface that displays each step in the workflow chain in an easy-to-read layout, automating workflow with Content360° requires very little additional employee training, which can be a huge drag on any workflow automation process. And because it’s extremely agile, and scalable enough to automate just about any process in your organization, Content360° is a workflow solution for systems of every size.
  • Content Capture – Content360 ° allows companies to instantly capture, index, store and quickly retrieve content from MS Outlook, ERP applications (you can learn about Sage 300, on of those applications, by clicking the link), fax servers, printers, scanners, reporting software, imaging products, and other applications, reducing time waste, paper clutter and cost.
  • Lightning Fast Access – Content360 °’s fast and secure search functionality allows users to locate content with remarkable speed and accuracy. And with targeted searching, users can easily locate related content across multiple departments using any number of indexes.
  • Storage – Content360 °’s External BLOB (Binary Large Object) Storage Provider module enables users to store, share and view all types of content in a more convenient and user-friendly file structure rather than the comparatively unintuitive SharePoint database.
  • Compatibility – By automating document capture, indexing, and retrieving, Content360 ° is able to integrate quickly and easily with other line-of-business applications. This allows users to locate content stored in SharePoint with a single click, rather than having to launch SharePoint separately in order to search for content that originated outside of your department.

All in all, Content360 ° enhances what you like about SharePoint and improves upon what was lacking, all while providing value for your business right out of the gate by allowing you to leverage your existing investment in SharePoint.

About the Author: John Riordan is President and Co-Founder of Harvest Technology Group. He is a recognized pioneer in the field of e-information exchange, particularly in the areas of enterprise content management, business process management (BPM), and content collaboration. You can learn more at

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